March 21, 2012

Take a few minutes to let being “Being Alone” sink in. The track is a mesmerizing offering from Joachim Cooder featuring Robert Francis from Cooder’s album Love on a Real Train.

Joachim, son and collaborator of legendary slide guitarist and songwriter Ry Cooder, came up with the notion of Love on a Real Train thanks to a wondrous daily view of Echo Park from his comfortable bungalow. He decided to soundtrack his everyday sight as a love letter to life around him. Cooder composed the music for the view’s soundtrack and forwarded songs to friends who would write and sing whatever flooded their minds when listening to Cooder’s score.

"Being Alone" is the result of Robert Francis’ interpretation of the songs Cooder sent him. Francis, an outstanding musician, songwriter and brother-in-law to Cooder, reigned in his immense writing and singing talents and intuitively restrained himself to delivering the simple but wholly evocative line sometimes, it’s scary being alone in a sleepy hush. The product is a sublime and intoxicating lullaby reminiscent of a gracefully kinetic Bon Iver gem. It’s like being comforted to sleep by a wholesome love all the while dependable wheels gently roll beneath you.


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